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We make it easy, so you can be brilliant.

At Platinum Visual Systems, we bring five decades of experience and our total commitment to excellence to creating the absolute best in visual display products. Our engineering and design staff work closely with our sales people to develop technologically advanced products that are easy to use for every segment of our wide-ranging audience, including: architects and designers; dealers; contractors and builders; corporate and small business clients; educators and everyday users. Guided by our world-class standards, they can count on beautifully designed products, precisely engineered and constructed with the highest quality materials.

Excellence in Manufacturing

We manufacture our Markerboards, Chalkboards and Tackboards at our facility in Corona, California under strict quality controls, with a commitment to developing environmentally friendly visual products that qualify for today’s stringent certification. Platinum uses superior heavy-duty 6063-T5 aluminum alloy exclusively for our extrusions. We create tackable surfaces with only the finest materials and produce our sleek, porcelain-on-steel surfaces so exactingly, we guarantee their performance for a lifetime.

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Unsurpassed Customer Service

You’ll always enjoy friendly, courteous and dedicated support every time you contact us. We’ll answer every question and satisfy any complaint or request. Your complete satisfaction drives us to be the very best. Call us and we’ll prove it.

Our Diverse Audience

Many different institutions and segments of industry look to Platinum Visual Systems as the leading innovator in our field when seeking unique solutions not addressed with standard products. We continually tap into over 130 combined years of expert experience in design and engineering to diversify our development of superior visual display products to meet the needs of a complex marketplace. In response to our customers, we’ve developed numerous special applications for educational, commercial, health care, corporate and architectural/design environments.

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Innovating Customized Solutions

When a commercial market customer approached us to suggest modifications to an existing product to address an issue concerning floor-to-ceiling markerboards, we immediately challenged our design team. The results: an even more efficient installation procedure and aesthetically pleasing product. To satisfy one of the frequent special requirements of the educational market, we developed new ADA-compliant trays to address a specific classroom design issue.

The health care industry has petitioned us on several occasions to be their key solutions provider for visual communication products, including customized markerboard and tackboards for hospitals.